With the public in lockdown due to Covid restrictions in December 2020, old friends and former employees of Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich took to Zoom to chat about their memories of this special place. In this video we go down memory lane with a father and daughter, who spent many happy hours of her childhood under our rafters, and former colleagues who shaped the spaces, events and organisations in An Chultúrlann over the years. We meet a married couple who fell in love here, and hear backstage stories from actors in Aisling Ghéar theatre company. The film is full of information about the organisation (and sometimes disorganisation) of the early days and, above all, demonstrates the loyalty and enthusiasm shared by those who love An Chultúrlann. This video was broadcast for the first time on 5 December 2020 as part of Fleadh Feirste.

Speakers: Gráinne Holland, Pilib Mac Cathmhaoil, Frainc Mac Cionnaith, Conall Mac Corraidh, Dónall Mac Giolla Chóill, Hannah Ní Bhaoill, Edel Ní Churraoin, Caitlín Ailbhe Nic Cathmhaoil, Cormac Ó Cuinn and Seán Ó Muireagáin

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