Reverend Jim Stothers

30 June 2021 and afterwards online –

Born and raised in east Belfast, member of Belmont Presbyterian Church. Around the age of 20 developed an interest in the Irish language, being exposed to it by RTÉ Radio – no RnaG back then! Trained as a Civil Engineer at Queen’s but felt a calling to Christian Ministry.M.Th. thesis in 1981: The Use of the Irish Language by Irish Presbyterians with particular Reference to Evangelical Approaches to Roman Catholics.

Served as a Presbyterian minister in Counties Down, Donegal and Antrim. Became Deputy Clerk of the General Assembly in 2014. Retired 2020 but still working part time in PCI Assembly Buildings. Learned Irish sporadically since age of 20, but more recently through Turas and An Droichead gained GCSE and AS level – now waiting for A level result in August. Would love to be fluent!

Video 3 – Reverend Jim Stothers, Author and Historian, lecture about Presbyterians and the Irish Language (English mostly) and Ruairí Ó Bléine, Author and Historian, Interview about Presbyterians and the Irish Language (Irish mostly), circa 40 mins.

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